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The 10 Statuses in B2B Ninja and What they mean,

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A brand new quote, nothing has been edited or modified. This could be a new quote coming in from your store or it could be one created in our dashboard.

The moment the a New quote is modified, we mark the it as a Draft.

Initiated the sending process of the quote, our email servers are trying to deliver the quote to the customer(s).

The customer's email service has received the quote and is on its way to the user's inbox (This is a vague territory, there is no guarantee that the email has reached the user's inbox).

The customer has opened the email and has loaded the content of the email. There is a pretty good chance that someone has opened/seen the quote.

The quote has been converted into an order. We track this if the customer checked out with the quote link, or if a sales representative has converted the quote to an order through our dashboard.

The quote has been invalidated by you (you have to set this status manually). This is an easy way for you to set the status of the quote to easily identify quotes that have been nullified.

The quote cannot immediately be delivered, but it hasn’t been completely rejected. Sometimes called a soft bounce, we will continue to try for 72 hours to deliver a deferred quote. Sometimes a quote marked deferred won't automatically update when it is delivered. So the best place to check the status of a deferred quote is in the history.

If we cannot deliver a quote, we mark it as bounced. Bounces often are caused by outdated or incorrectly entered email addresses. Many times you won’t know a bounced email address until it bounces.

There are a number of reasons your email will not even be sent to a recipient for delivery. This status informs you when an email has been dropped. The reason for the drop will be included in the Quote History tab, such as if we’ve found spam content or if we see the recipient has unsubscribed previously.

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