Shipping and Tax Quotes Are Finally Here!!! 

Please note that this is a new feature as of Jan. 2019. 

If you do not see the Get Shipping & Tax button in your account, reach out to us!
Note: This is currently an addon feature, and not available to all plans. 

This feature has been in the works for a loooonnnng time, and is truly some of the most powerful Ninja Warrior magic that we cooked up. Corny... I know, but it's true! The BigCommerce API does NOT as of this writing offer access to shipping methods via their API. 

We got tired of waiting, and wrote our own custom API that allows us to provide you with these real time shipping and tax quotes exactly as your customer would see them

To use it, you simply click the Get Shipping and Tax Button on the quote. 

Note that you must have a zip code listed in the customer information for this to work. Some stores may also require the state and country.

  1. No Additional - We will show a link that says "Select at Checkout" in the shipping location on the quote. This method actually works quite well, and gives your customer a reason to load the quote into your cart.

  2. Custom - You will be able to set a custom shipping amount (More on custom shipping here)

  3. Rates Returned by Your Store - Selecting one of these will show this on the quote. It does not force the user to select this option at checkout.

Once the shipping options load, select the shipping you want to display. 


If your store is setup to charge taxes based on that ship to location, then we will auto-add those taxes to the quote, as calculated by your shopping cart. 

You can choose to hide the taxes if you'd like, but do note that we have NO control of how your taxes calculate, and rely entirely on your BigCommerce store for these calculations.  Important: Hiding the taxes does not change whether or not your customer will pay taxes at checkout. You'd generally only hide this value if you are sending a quote without a checkout link, or know your customer will be set as tax exempt by the time they go to make this purchase.

 (Click the eye icon next to taxes above quote total to hide taxes on a rendered quote)

Common Issues / Questions

Shipping is not calculating

  • This is usually due to an item on your quote not being purchasable, or is out of stock. 

  • It could also be that the items on your quote don't have the proper attributes for your store to properly calculate the shipping. 

An error message is being returned

  • When possible, we'll show you the exact error message your customer would see if they attempted to checkout. If it won't calculate in our dashboard, there's a 99% chance that it won't calculate for your customer at checkout. 

  • Note that if we're not able to calculate shipping, there is a >90% chance that the checkout link also won't work, so consider sending the quote without the checkout link option. 

Where do I enter my UPS/FedEx/Other Carrier info. 

  • You don't... 

  • Carrier integrations are a core feature of your BigCommerce store. You may even have additional complex integrations like ShipperHQ running as well. 

  • We utilize all the hard work you put in getting that system tuned, and put it to use in Quote Ninja. 

  • If you don't like the rates being displayed, it's best to dig into those shipping configurations you have setup in BigCommerce and/or ShipperHQ.

Will my ShipperHQ integration work? 

  • Yes we'll pull in your ShipperHQ calculated rates ;-) 

  • This assumes the items on that quote are purchasable in your store.

International Shipping Quotes

  • We are working hard to pull in international shipping quotes for all countries. 

  • Many countries are already supported, with more to follow. 

  • Note that BigCommerce must be set to calculate international shipping for it to work.

  • If you find a country that is not working, please let us know, and we will move it up on the list of countries that need support ;-) 

Do you support the BigCommerce Avalara integration? 

  • Yes. 

  • We will pull in and display the calculated tax as it would be displayed to your customer based on the products on the quote, and the specific customer group.

  • Exception: We cannot return rates for products that are not purchasable, or are catalog only items in BC.

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