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Tax On Your Quote

Get real time tax quotes from your cart and display them on your quotes.

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If your store is setup to charge taxes based on that ship to location, then we will auto-add those taxes to the quote, as calculated by your shopping cart. 

You can choose to hide the taxes if you'd like, but do note that we have NO control of how your taxes calculate, and rely entirely on your BigCommerce store for these calculations. Important: Hiding the taxes does not change whether or not your customer will pay taxes at checkout. You'd generally only hide this value if you are sending a quote without a checkout link, or know your customer will be set as tax exempt by the time they go to make this purchase.

 (Click the eye icon next to taxes above quote total to hide taxes on a rendered quote)

Do you support the BigCommerce Avalara integration? 

  • Yes. 

  • We will pull in and display the calculated tax as it would be displayed to your customer based on the products on the quote, and the specific customer group.

  • Exception: We cannot return rates for products that are not purchasable, or are catalog only items in BC.

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