Inviting Users to B2B Ninja

How to add Users to B2B Ninja

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The recommended method:

☞Note: This method requires the user login via versus through the BigCommerce apps page. We find this to ultimately provide a better user experience, and require much less time jumping through hoops to get into the app.

Go to Menu > Settings > Manage Users in your B2B Ninja dashboard:

Click on Invite User button

Each user is required to have:

  • name

  • email

  • phone #

User Roles:


  • Can view and edit all quotes


  • Can view and edit all quotes as well as edit all settings (This includes inviting new users)


  • Has all admin permissions, controls billing, and can close the account.

  • The owner is initially established by the BC registered store owner that installs the app.

☞Note: We have an advanced user module with granular user controls. Please reach out if you have a specific use case or need more advanced user controls. ie: Only allow specific users to view their own quotes, or limit who can assign / change quote ownership. You can also set specific discount levels, etc. This module is generally reserved for Enterprise level accounts.

When a user is invited:

  • They will be sent an email with a link to setup their password.

  • Users can also always request a one time "magic" login link if they've forgotten their password, or are having trouble logging in.

Adding users through BigCommerce:

This method will add the user to B2B Ninja as a role of User. If you do not have enough available users, the user may be shown an upgrade notice when they attempt to login the first time.

To add users to the app so they have access via the BigCommerce App marketplace, you will need to be logged into BigCommerce with a user that can manage user permissions.

Navigate in BigCommerce to Account Settings > Users

Select Edit on the User, and scroll down to the Single-Click Apps section and select B2B Ninja. Be sure to save your changes.

Your users can now navigate to Apps > My Apps and access B2B Ninja via their BigCommerce login.

If you want to update the user to have higher permission levels with B2B Ninja, you will need to do this in the Manage Users section of B2B Ninja.

☞Note: Any B2B Ninja user can always setup a B2B Ninja Specific password by requesting a password reset on our login page. They can also login directly to the app w/out a password by requesting a one-time "magic link."

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