Exporting Quote Data

How to export a list of all or some of your quotes.

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☞ If you do not see this option in your account, you may need to reach out to us via chat to have it enabled.

Exporting All Quotes or Filtered Quotes

While in your inbox, clicking the Export button will export all your quotes in the current search/filtered view (including pages of quotes not shown on the page you are on).

To filter the quotes before exporting, click on filter quotes. You can filter by status, tags, user, date, or total. Once filters in your inbox, export from there.

Exporting Selected Quotes

If you want to export just a few quotes, select the quote you want to export and click on "Export Selected" button

☞ Important Note! -- Do not close your browser tab until the export has finished running, and downloaded.

Each line of the export will represent the latest version of that quote. The product data is concatenated in one field.

Exporting Archived Quotes

Navigate to Quotes > Archived

Export direct from your archived inbox to export only archived quotes.

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