Sending Quotes via your Google Email

This allow your users to bypass our email server and utilize their Google Business email to send their quotes via an OAuth connection.

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☞NOTE: This feature must be currently be activated on your account. If you do not see the option in your profile, please reach out via chat.
☞ADDITIONALLY: This documentation will only work with Google's business email service, which constantly undergoes name changes. If you have any of the following, this document is for you: Google Workspace, G Suite, Google for Business, or Google Apps.

While we utilize a best in class email provider, and have an amazing spam rating, nothing beats sending email via your domains service. Google provides an OAuth connection service that allows you to easily and securely authorize B2B Ninja to send quotes via your email.

Google's OAuth 2.0 allows users to share specific data with an application while keeping their usernames, passwords, and other information private.

This is much more secure than the traditional method of using SMTP where you'd provide your username and password to allow the application to access your email and send on your behalf. With that info, you've also generally granted access to everything. With OAuth, we're provided a unique token that you can revoke at any time. It also limits the access to just what we need (ability to send emails), and nothing more. We cannot read, delete, or do anything else besides send your quote emails.

Once OAuth is enabled, your emails will be routed directly through your email as if they were sent from your inbox. Your sent quotes will even show up in your sent mail.

Each user on the account must setup their OAuth connection. If they do not set it up, or they revoke the connection via their security settings in Google, we will default back to using B2B Ninja mail servers to send the quote.

To Activate:

The user should navigate to their profile by either clicking on their profile image in the top right, or the Profile link in the menu.

Click on the Google Button

You will then be redirected to a Google Login Page.

☞Note that the email with which you login here will overwrite the email used to send quotes on your account regardless of if you've changed the email to use a separate email account than what you login with. Be sure to use the email with which you want your quotes sent from. This can differ from your QN login email.

Information Google will share with B2B Ninja from your Google Account:

  • Name

  • Email Address

  • Language Preference

  • Profile Picture

We well use the email on your account to pre-populate the login page, but you can make changes if necessary.

After confirming the email is correct, click on Next.

Choose your Google Account type.

  • This will generally be a G Suite account if you are using a company email.

Enter your Google Email Password

Click Next

☞Note you may be taken through a 2 step verification by Google at this point if you're not already logged into your account in another tab.

Click on Allow to grant B2B Ninja the right to send email on your behalf.

Confirm your Choices

  • Note that if you uncheck "Send email on your behalf," the connection will fail to work.

Accept Authentication in B2B Ninja

  • It's imperative that the name from your Gmail account match the name in B2B Ninja, or else Google will not accept the emails we send on your behalf. This is a security measure to insure the integrity of your email account is maintained.

You're ready to go now!

  • To verify it's working, send a test quote, and check the sent folder in your Gmail account, and see if that quote is now in your sent items.

To Remove an OAuth Connection

  • You can do this via your profile page once a successful connection has been made.

  • You can also manage your connections (and others you've made to other apps) via your Google Account's Security Settings.

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