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Creating & Understanding Custom Products

Using custom products when creating quotes

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You've got a customer on the phone, or they've emailed you and want a custom version of your most popular product as well as 2 of the standard offerings. Easy enough.. 

Things to know: 

  1. Custom products will be created in your BC database, and added to your hidden QN category

  2. Custom products WILL load into a customer's cart when you send them a quote. 

  3. Customers will see the item in the cart, but won't be able to click on the product to go to a product page. 

  4. Custom products will NOT show up in your regular search, or be visible to anyone other than the customer that received the quote. 

  5. They can be reused for other customers. 

Custom Products are quick and easy to create: 

Sku, Name, Price, & Weight are required fields. 

Toggling the advanced product switch will show other product attributes you can add if necessary. Currently dimensions and product cost. Dimensions are helpful if you are not doing free shipping, and your shipping calculator relies on dimensions. 

**Toggling the free shipping switch will set the custom product to free shipping

Reuse Custom Products

To reuse custom products, select the custom products tab, and if recent enough, it'll display in the custom product box. Otherwise you can search all of your custom products to find ones you've used in the past. (QN V3.0 or later)

Custom Products will also be created at checkout for out of stock / unavailable to purchase items

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