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Using Template Variables to customize the quote emails for your Store

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There are lots of variables available to you to help customize the quotes sent through B2B Ninja. This post breaks it down into subsections based on how the information through the template variables. You might be familiar with {{}} as it has become one of the most popular template substitution symbols also known as Handlebars or Mustache templates. Quote Ninja templates use a variation of this type of template syntax. To output a variable to the template, you have to wrap it with curly braces and with an equal to sign at the start of the variable, i.e. {{=store.address}}. The first delineation of every variable is the category that variable belongs to.

Store Information

The store category contains all the variables connected to the store, these will not change from quote to quote and is editable under your Template page. After you make any changes, to view that change in a quote, please refresh the quote.

Store Address

1111 West Main St 

League City



United States





General Information


  • ( Note if you're trying to display the store logo, you need to use proper html to do so ie: <img src="{{=qn.store.logo.url}}" style="max-width: 100%;"> ) 

Store Name  

  • Store name provided to us by BigCommerce

Company/Business Name 

  • Stored under template variable section of QN 

  • Editable in QN.


  • Secure Cart URL, if you have a HTTPS domain, that will be automatically used 

Quote Information

The quote category contains all the variables related to a specific quote. This category's variables will be unique to each quote that you send.

Representative Information

Micah Thomas

[email protected]



Customer Information


Suite A

  • We suggest using a conditional logic so that you don't end up with a blank space for all the addresses without a second line. You'd use something like this: {{?customer['address-2']}}{{=qn.customer['address-2']}}<br>{{?}} 





  • Renders first and last name







This section contains variables that don't fit into one of the above categories.

This populates the current date.
October 7th 2016

This populates the original creation date of the quote.


 October 7th 2016


Conditions set under the Templates Settings page.

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