Using Quote Expirations

We demonstrate quote expirations and show you how to add them to your template.

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  • Expired quotes are set so that they will in fact cause a quote to no longer be loaded into the shopping cart past expiration.

  • Re-sending a quote resets the expiration date UNLESS you set an exact date for the expiration.

Set Quote Default: 

Quote expirations can be set to have a default, and then can always be changed and updated at the quote level. 

You can edit this setting under Quotes > Defaults 

Selecting one of these options will start all new quotes with that default selection.

Using Quote Expirations on a Quote

On each quote, you can change the expiration from the default. Additionally, you can set the exact date you want a quote to expire. 

Available quote level expiration options:

Displaying the quote expiration on your quote template: 

NOTE: All new default template already has the expiration variables included. You only need to manually add this if you are using an older template, or are building a custom template.

Sample of conditional variables used inline:

{{?qn.quote.expires}}Quote is valid for {{=qn.quote.expires}}, expires on {{=qn.quote.expiry_date}}.{{?}} 

The above variables will only show if an expiration is set. We do this by utilizing an "if statement" with the template variables. You'll note we have a "?" vs and "=" at the beginning of the first variable, and that we close the if statement with {{?}}. 

Adding code to your custom template: 

And how it'll render on your quote:

Don't worry - if you need help configuring these to your needs, we've always got a Ninja close by to help ;-)

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