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Connecting B2B Ninja to your BigCommerce store

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Quick Direct Method

1. You must be logged in as BC Store Owner

To get started with B2B Ninja, you'll need to first login to your BigCommerce store using the store Owner credentials. 

Only the Store Owner user in BC can install apps. You can determine which user is the Store Owners in BC under Account Settings>Users

2. Once logged into your store with BC Store Owner, click link below: 

Click on button to begin Install:

  • If you are already logged in to your store in this browser, be sure you're logged in with the proper user, or right-click and open this URL in an incognito or private browser window, and login at the point of install with the BC owner login.

BC Dashboard Method

1. You must be logged in as BC Store Owner

2. In BC Menu, click Apps > Marketplace 


3. Search for B2B Ninja once in Marketplace

4. Click "Get This App". 

Follow prompts to finish install. 

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