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Adding a “Request Quote” button to your Product Page and BigCommerce Cart
Adding a “Request Quote” button to your Product Page and BigCommerce Cart

No Code Required!

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When you install the app, we'll automatically add the required code via the BC script manager for our primary buttons to be added to your BigCommerce store pages.

The Product Display Page Quote Button (PDP)

Can I change the wording & color of the button? 

  • Absolutely - You can edit under the Form & Button settings in your B2B Ninja Dashboard

What do you recommend for the PDP button text? 

  • If your typical order contains only one item, we recommend "Request Quote" for the product display page (PDP).

  • If your typical order contains multiple items, we recommend "Add to Quote" for the PDP.

Clicking this button will add the item to the B2B Ninja "Quote Cart".

The "Cart to Quote" Button

This button is shown in the cart, and allows the customer to update or start a quote request from your BigCommerce cart page. 

Clicking this button will either start a new quote request, or ask the customer if they want to merge the items from the cart into a new quote request. 

If no items in the B2B Ninja "Quote Cart" already, then the items are immediately transferred to the Quote Cart.

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