Front End Quote Requests In Action

See what it looks like when a customer requests a quote from the front end of your BigCommerce store.

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Here we show you exactly what happens when a customer requests a quote. 

Approximately 85% of our customers utilize our front-end quote request buttons with great success. 

Product page quote request in action... All steps detailed below. 


Customer hits Add to Quote button after selecting desired product options (if assigned)

**All product options, with the exception of file uploads are supported on quote requests.

Quote Request Form

**Note that you can change which of these fields are required in your B2B Ninja Settings. We've built our form to be resistant to Bots by default, but we do offer the option to add a Recaptcha in your settings. We find that it's rarely necessary

**We also allow you to set your default country, and will change the form fields displayed according to the country selected location.

Quote Confirmation

**Note that you can change this to say whatever you would like on your General Settings page


This button functions exactly the same as the product request quote button, and would follow the same sequence as outlined above. It's setup such that a customer can request a quote on their full shopping cart of items. We will account for all options as applied to the items in the cart (w/ exception of file uploads)

**Note You can edit the text on this button under Settings and selecting Buttons.


Almost instantaneously, this new quote request will show up in your B2B Ninja Dashboard.

If you have Quote Notifications setup in your settings, you'll also receive an email at the same moment they request the quote so that you'll be able to quickly quick the link and go straight to the quote. Customers love a rapid response! B2B Ninja is mobile friendly so that you can respond right from your phone. 

Sample of Notification Email 

How the above quote request will appear in your dashboard.

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