Drafting a Quote

How to email the quote you create.

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Let's send that quote!

You will need to be in a quote that you've either received as a quote request via your website, or you've created via your dashboard. All quotes must have an email assigned to them.. If your customer doesn't have one, or you just need to generate a PDF, plug yours in there ;-) or.. make one up.. Just make sure that box is populated!

Select Your Template

After selecting the "Draft Quote" button, a rendered copy of your email will be shown. Here you can select the template you want to see, make minor edits (These edits are NOT saved.. ), and then send your quote. This is also where you can preview, and download a copy of a .pdf version of your quote.

We'll always render your default template first. You can then change it to any custom templates you have set up. In this example, we're changing the template to one that does not include our magic checkout link.

Hit Send!

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