Purchase Limit Feature

Allows you to set the number of times a quote can be purchased

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☞This feature is not on by default, but is available to Black Belt and above plans. Our recommendation is to limit quotes by setting an expiration date versus a limit on the number of purchases. To enable feature, please contact us via chat.

The purchase limit feature allows you to indicate the number of times a quote can be purchased. This is useful if you sell products where you may not want to provide a specific quote or deal more than once.

To use, enter in the number of times you would like to allow for that quote to be purchased into the Purchase Limit field.

By and large, we find that in most cases, when presented the choice between issuing a duplicate quote, versus just allowing the previous quote to process, most of our customers prefer that the previous quote (within it's expiration date) be allowed to process again. This is a huge time saver, and if your pricing doesn't change much, and especially if you don't provide discounts on your quotes, this is a great method to quickly and easily allow repeat purchases.

What the customer sees when they load a quote that has exceeded the purchase limit available to a quote:

  • If your store / rep have the notification "Quote could not load for user" turned on at the rep level in the reps Quote Ninja profile, then they will receive an email anytime a customer encounters this message. (This notification is on by default for new reps.)

  • This provides the rep a chance to immediately work towards saving or creating a new deal with this prospect.

What if I set the value to zero?

  • If the quote has not been ordered before, it will not change the outcome of the quote any, and will allow the quote to still process.

  • To prevent the quote from loading/processing, you would want to instead change the quote status to "Cancelled"

  • If the quote has been ordered previously, then decreasing the purchase limit will impact the outcome of whether or not the quote will load. ie: You have the limit set to 3, and they've ordered once, but you no longer want them to be able to order again. Set the limit to 2, and they will only be able to order once more instead of twice more.

What if I increase the qty of purchases available after sending the quote?

  • Increasing the qty will allow for subsequent purchases, and assuming no other changes were made to the quote, or updates to the items have been made in the store, the quote would not technically need to be resent. HOWEVER, we always suggest resending a quote if you are making any changes to it. This insures the quote is re-validated, and that the customer has the most up to date quote in their possession.

  • If you previously set an expiration date, double check that it's still valid when updating your quote.

☞This feature will only work on new quotes created after the feature is turned on, and may fail to work properly on copies of old quotes created before the feature was turned on. When in doubt, start with a brand new quote.

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