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Auto Send Quotes w/ Zapier & B2B Ninja
Auto Send Quotes w/ Zapier & B2B Ninja

Example for setting up zaps with logic to auto send quotes based on your criteria

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This article is going to help you setup a Zapier integration with B2B Ninja to automatically send incoming quotes if there are no incoming customer notes.

You can tweak this to meet your criteria by tweaking the "Filter" Step. I have taken as many screenshots as possible as I went through this to make sure this is easily reproducible. If you do not see the API option inside B2B Ninja, you are probably not on the Enterprise plan. Please upgrade to enterprise to see this option, or contact us to purchase API Add-On package (Only available to existing Black-Belt plan accounts).


  1. Use B2B Ninja - Quote Created Trigger

  2. Use Zapier Delay - For 1 minute - This will make sure B2B Ninja has enough time to validate the pricing & options.

  3. Use Zapier Filter - For only continuing if the quote was created by a form request & if the customer notes is empty.

  4. Use B2B Ninja - Send Quote Action - Use the rep you want to send with, and the template.

Steps w/ Screenshots

1. Login to your Zapier account & then: go to this link (need to do it again, even you have already done this as I just pushed an update to Zapier)

2. Create a new zap:

3. Search for Quote Ninja in apps:

4. Choose Quote Created Trigger:

5. Sign in (If you already have an b2b ninja connection setup, skip to step 9):

6. Use links to get to the API settings page on your store:

7. Create a new token inside Quote-Ninja & use the buttons to copy and paste in the Zapier window. Then click 'Yes, Continue' on Zapier window:

8. Then you should see the API token as an option for the account inside Zapier:

9. Select Account & Continue:

10. Test Trigger & Continue:

11. Next action: Delay by zapier

12. Type of delay: For

13. Setup delay for 1 minute:

14. Test & Review - Then Add next Step:

15. Choose Filter by Zapier

16. Filter by incoming notes:

17. Choose condition does not exist:

18. Add next condition:

19. Make sure is a form submission - Choose field quote external

20. Use boolean is true condition:

21. Test

22. Add next step:

23. Choose Quote Ninja Action

24. Action type: Send Quote

25. Continue:

26. Choose API Account & Continue

27. Choose Quote ID:

28. Select the Template:

29. Select the Rep:

30. Name & Turn it on!

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