Send Attachments With Your Quote.

Communicate all details quickly with your customer by sending attachments with your quote.

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☞NOTE: If you're looking to send or download a .pdf copy of your quote, reference this article

The attachments feature is setup so that you can keep any important information stored with your quote for you and your staff. 

If you want to keep the PDF or picture for you and your staff to see. Do not check the attachment. 

On the quote you're working on, click Upload File to attach a PDF, PNG, JPG, etc. 

Once uploaded, the file is now stored on the quote. It is FYI only at this point UNTIL you check the corner of the file. It is sometimes useful to store files on a quote that you don't necessarily want your customer to see. 

This file will NOT be sent to the customer with the outbound quote

Once file is uploaded make sure to check the top left corner of the attachment, as shown, in order for the attachment to be sent with the quote. A paperclip will be shown if file is set to sent with the outgoing quote. 

This file WILL be sent to the customer with the outbound quote

☞Note: There is a 15mb total file size limit per email. If the file is larger than that, we recommend sending it via email or via a file share service.

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