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Use the quick and easy method of the HubSpot BCC email, or opt for an advanced connection via Zapier / the B2B Ninja API

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Using the BCC method to log quotes in HubSpot

Hubspot is a powerful tool, and it makes sense that you'd want to log your quotes in there!

While we don't have any direct integrations, we did make changes to the way we dispatch our email sending so that you can easily utilize the BCC email logging capabilities of HubSpot.

Once you have this email from your HubSpot account, there are multiple places you can add it to B2B Ninja.

Global BCC

This is the most popular method.

You can add it as a global BCC email in email section of General Settings. Adding it to this section means that all emails that get sent from B2B Ninja will get BCC'd and logged to HubSpot. To be clear, it doesn't create a HubSpot Quote, but logs the email, and attachments to the contact(s).

Template Based BCC

If you only want to send specific emails, you can set the specific templates to use the HubSpot BCC email. This could mean only setting up a copy of your default templates that you use only when you want to route something into HubSpot. Generally we see this when a user works on both short and long term deals/opportunities, and only want to track/log the longer term opportunities in HubSpot.

To add a BCC email to a template, go to the templates page, click on the pencil to edit the template, enable the BCC email option, and then insert your HubSpot BCC email.

โ˜ž Note: You should only run the BCC at the global or template level. Adding it in both locations could produce unintended results, or a failure for the email to send.

Advanced Connection Via Zapier or Direct API Integration

โ˜ž Note: Our API and Zapier integrations are currently available by default on our Enterprise plan. If you need access to the API feature on a lower plan, please reach out to us. We make it available for an additional fee on our Black Belt plan.

HubSpot has one of the more advanced Zapier integrations out there (23 Triggers, 34 actions, 20 searches) which opens up a ton of possibilities. If you're not familiar with Zapier, it's an easy to use API connector/automation tool. It's immensely powerful, and while some tasks are relatively easy, Zaps can get complex quickly.

While we are happy to provide general guidance, Zaps take, time, patience, and expertise, and is a platform on its own. If you need help building a Zap, there are numerous contractors on UpWork, and other similar sites that are experts, and there fees are considerably less than ours.

Our API docs, and link to our (private) Zapier Integration can be found here.

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