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"Allow Over Quote" Setting / How Do I Send a Quote for a Price Higher Than What is Set in BigCommerce.
"Allow Over Quote" Setting / How Do I Send a Quote for a Price Higher Than What is Set in BigCommerce.

Allows you to set a price higher than that of what is found in your product catalog. This will NOT change items price permanently.

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This setting allows you to quote a higher price than what the product is priced at in BC, and more specifically, the price rate for the specific customer on the quote. 

We have this off by default because our current pricing engine is set to adjust the quote price down to the calculated price from BigCommerce. This is to keep from having to constantly adjust quote prices anytime there is a bulk, customer, or other price adjustment calculated. 

You sell a product for $50/each but if they buy more than 4, you give them 10% off. 

In QN, we will show the price at $45, and adjust the quote price down to $45 automatically. 

If you turn on over-quoting, the product price will adjust down to $45, but the quote price will stay at the original $50. This means you need to manually adjust the price down to $45 if you don't want to sell it for higher than is listed on your site, or promised to the customer.

To enable it navigate to Settings > Quotes and click the check box!

We recommend turning this setting on temporarily if you only over-quote on occasion. Once done, you can just turn it back off, so you don't have to worry about manually adjusting prices. 

It is quite useful to have on all the time for sites where they're more of a catalog only setup, and may have all items priced at $0, and need to be able to set fixed prices for every item they quote. 

Note that while most of our newer quote templates will support over-quoting by default, some of our older templates may not. If you see a weird calculation (usually 2 negative signs on the discount line), shoot us a message and we'll get you migrated to a more up to date template. 

As long as an item is purchasable, then you can actually set a higher price than what is calculated by your catalog, and the checkout link will carry that through to checkout. 

Purchasable is defined by your BC settings, and not QN. It means:

  • The item is either in stock with enough on hand for the items on the quote...

  • ...or it doesn't have inventory tracking turned on

  • There is not an option rule that makes those combinations of options unavailable to purchase

  • It's not a catalog only item

We will generally and somewhat obnoxiously warn you when we detect that an item is not purchasable :-)

Common Questions:
Does this change the price of my BigCommerce Product

  • No

Can the customer checkout if we quote a price higher than the product price

  • Yes - if the item is purchasable

Will the manual Quote to Order button  in Quote Ninja carry over the higher price to BigCommerce

  • Yes

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