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Transfer Customer, Staff, or Product Notes into BC Order
Transfer Customer, Staff, or Product Notes into BC Order

When converting a quote to order you can transfer B2B Ninja comment data into the order for your customers or staff.

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To convert a quote to an order in the B2B Dashboard, navigate to the quote and select the order button in the top right-hand corner of the quote.

For an in-depth article on how to convert a quote to an order please see:

Once the convert to order pop-up is displayed, confirm the customer's billing and shipping address, the 3rd page is the options page. This is where the order settings are located. You can transfer customer, staff, and product notes into BigCommerce when converting the quote to order via the B2B Ninja dashboard.

*** By default these are all set to on, if you want the default turned off globally on any of these options please chat us.

Customer Notes

Customer notes will display on the finalized order when converted. You should always assume that your customer will be able to see these. In most cases, they will get sent in transactional emails depending on your store's settings.

They will display on the order side in BigCommerce here:

In the customer order email they will display here:

Product Notes

Product notes are written on each product inside the given note box on a quote. These notes are unique to each quote, they do not repopulate on other quotes. They will be transferred into the customer view on the order. Product notes inside a quote are located here:

There is no location on a BigCommerce order to put these, so we instead insert them into the customer notes section. When checked we will add the name then a new line with the notes, a blank line, and then the next name, etc. They will display here in the order view of BigCommerce:

They will display here on the customer order email:

Staff Notes:

Staff notes are notes that only you and your staff can see. You can transfer them to BigCommerce but they will only be visible in the order details, and NOT for the customer. To view the staff notes that were transferred into BigCommerce click the note section highlight in red:

A pop-up will display with the staff notes:

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