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Adding a BigCommerce API Token to B2B Ninja
Adding a BigCommerce API Token to B2B Ninja

Add a BC API Token to allow us to make changes to account and checkout pages

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Want to take full advantage of everything we have to offer here at B2B ninja? The best way to give us access is to add your BigCommerce API Token! BigCommerce will not allow apps scripts to run on account or checkout pages by default. Adding the API token allows us to makes changes without theme edits to your BigCommerce store.

You can only generate a token in BigCommerce if you are the store owner. By updating your BC API in B2B Ninja, you are allowing us to inject our form and shipping code into check automatically.

  1. In BigCommerce go to advanced settings > API Accounts > Create API Account and select V2/V3 API token

2. Enter a Name for the app/integration corresponding to this account, then copy or make a note of the API Path โ€” you'll need it to use the API account. The name can be a minimum of four characters long.

3. Specify the API resources and permissions to which your app/integration requires access. This is what we need:

4. Once your selection is made, click save. If successful the pop-up shown below will contain the API credentials B2B Ninja will need for access. You will also be prompted by your browser to download a .txt file containing the same credentials for safekeeping on your computer.

5. Navigate to Settings > General and upload the file on B2B Ninja

6. Check the token to verify that it is functioning properly.

That's it! B2B Ninja is connected through the BigCommerce API!

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