Assigning Sales Reps to a Quote

How to assign and bulk assign sales reps to a quote, rep notifications

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There are a few different ways to assign a User/Sales Rep to a quote. User/Reps are notified via email as soon as a quote has been assigned to them.

From Inside the Quote

There is a drop-down inside the quote that allows you to assign a rep.

From the Quote Inbox

Once inside the Quote Inbox, click one, or many checkboxes next to the quote and it will give you the option to assign a user (sales rep).

Once "Assign User" is selected a pop-up with a drop-down will appear. Once the user/rep is selected confirm your selection.

Auto assigning of User/Reps

If you create a new quote from inside the app, the assigned rep will auto-populate to whoever is creating that quote.

Sales Rep Notifications

Once a user/rep is assigned to a quote, an email notification is sent.

You can edit these notification emails in your user profile. Each rep has their own user profile and must toggle these settings off and on as need be.

Navigate to Settings > Profile and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page

****New quote notifications will be sent to the email(s) provided in the general email settings, they are not automatically sent to each user. A User/Sales Rep is not notified until they are assigned to a quote, or they are in this list of emails being notified. Go to Settings > General to add or remove emails notified of new quotes.

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