Advanced Form Settings

How to Change and Use Each Settings under Advanced Form Setting

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Navigate to Settings > Forms scroll down to...

Product Price Visibility

Show Price:

Hide Price:

Show Price When Logged In:

*** When Logged in the form will also auto-populate with the customer's account data.

Form Response

Edit Text in Response Box

You can edit this to say whatever you like! Your customer will see,,,

Right after pressing the "submit quote" button on the quote cart form.

Pro Tip! You can include some basic HTML in your response and we'll render it in the response form. We suggest keeping this to a minimum but it can be useful if you want to show a logo or other image, etc.

Form Redirect URL

Instead of using the built-in form response as detailed directly above, you can send your customers to a customized thank you quote submission page. To enable this feature click the check-box and add the URL!

Text Customizer (Translation)

Don't forget to apply settings to push any of these changes live to your website!

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