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Converting a Quote to an Order Within The Dashboard

How to automatically convert a quote into an order in BigCommerce and apply payment (Without another merchant service or fee!)

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Don't let Double Data Entry be the death of your time! (DDE - Ewww!)

So... you've sent your quote, and the customer has called in to place their order, or emailed you a PO. Previously, you'd have to completely re-enter all of this info into BC to get the order in the system and be able to collect/apply a payment. 

Video Overview

Open the Quote in Quote Ninja. 

On the top right you'll see a shopping cart icon and/or the word "ORDER"

Click on Order

Next you'll see this modal which will step you through the order process: 

Enter or select the Billing Address.

  • If there is a customer selected on the quote, you will be showing a Customer Address Book button. Clicking this will allow you to select one the customers addresses if they have any connected to their account.

Address Selection Modal:

  • Clicking on one of the addresses will select and repopulate the address in the create order modal.

  • It will not change the address that is on the quote. These addresses are only for ordering purposes.

Click Next & Follow the Same Procedure for the Shipping Address.

Options / Order Settings

Estimated Taxes:

  • Note that while these taxes should be quite close to what the customer will actually pay, they are technically only an estimate. This is due to how Avalara and BigCommerce will cache tax estimates until the final step of checkout. For states like California the customer will often see a tax value that is within 1% of the actual taxes in their cart until checkout. This is done to speed up the experience for your customers. Depending on tax settings, and shipping selections, it may also not yet include taxes on the shipping.

  • Once the order is converted, a final tax charge will be calculated by BigCommerce, and a valid grand total provided.

Shipping Options

  • If we were able to fetch a valid shipping rate, it will be shown here with the option to select it.

  • If you are using our custom custom shipping module and want to change the value of the custom shipping being charged, you will need to close the modal and change the value in the custom shipping details, or alternatively you can finish the process and change the shipping value in BigCommerce.

Order Status

  • You can select any order status you would like for the order to be created as in BigCommerce.

  • We suggest using the status of Incomplete, and have that set as the default.

  • Depending on your store settings, it's possible to trigger multiple emails to be sent to the customer by selecting another status other than incomplete. If you are unsure, we suggest testing an order to your email with your preferred status and see if you get an email before you finalize the order in BC as discussed below.

Order Notes

  • This allows you to pass in notes from the quote to the order. Checking the box next to the selections will transfer that set of notes to the specified location

Transfer Customer Notes

  • Transfers the customer notes from the quote into the BigCommerce order notes section

  • These will be visible to the customer, and in most cases will get sent in transactional emails depending on your stores settings.

Transfer Staff Notes

  • Transfers the staff notes from the quote to the BigCommerce order staff notes section

  • These are NOT visible to your customer.

Transfer Product Notes

  • There is no location on a BigCommerce order to put these, so we instead insert them into the customer notes section.

  • When checked we will add the SKU then a new line with the notes, a blank line, and then the next SKU, etc.

  • These are visible to the customer.

After making your selections > Click Submit

  • Don't worry if something isn't perfect.

  • If you've chosen Incomplete as the status, no email will be sent to the customer, and you can still edit anything on the order within BigCommerce.

Success! You're almost done with this order, and it's likely only taken you a few clicks to get it moved to BigCommerce! That's efficiency ;-)

Click on Finalize Order in BigCommerce

The order is entered into BC with an Incomplete status by default unless you changed the status on the options screen.

  • Clicking the Finalize Order In BigCommerce button is the quickest way to get to the order to apply payment.

If you have already closed the modal,

  • Simply click on the history link on the quote and then the link to the order under the Orders tab.

To find the order in BigCommerce BEFORE you've completed the order payment, and if you didn't use one of the above methods to get to the edit order screen.

  • Go to the View Orders Page>More>Incomplete

You will be taken to the first page of the BigCommerce order editor when using the Finalize order button, or link from the history.

Click next through each section, and verify the order is accurate, and as quoted. You can make any change you'd like along the way. The customer has NOT yet received an email if you used the incomplete status.

Last but not least, on the Finalize step in BigCommerce select and process the payment.


Caveat :

  • Items with Configurable Fields will get created as single use custom order items. BigCommerce does not support config fields for order creation, and suggests that you utilize product options if this is necessary. Tech details here.

  • You can modify/select the actual item while editing the order. This might be useful if you are tracking inventory on that item, or utilize 3rd party fulfillment software. 

  • Some items that generate an error when we attempt to submit them through the API will be created as custom items. It's important to review those, and adjust shipping accordingly, as shipping is not likely to be calculated on those items.

Default Order Settings:

Quote ID (aka Quote number) Location

Located in Settings > General

This determines if and where the Quote ID is stored on the order in BigCommerce when it's converted using the Create Order button in Quote Ninja.

Order Type

Located in our admin panel, chat us to change it.

In general, we will enter orders using the exact price that you set on the item, and will not show the discount provided as a discount line item. If in doubt, we recommend using the Exact Price method except for in special accounting circumstances where the discount must be reflected. By default, we have this set to "Exact Price". Please chat us to switch it to discount.

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