At present, dynamic order tracking is only offered on select plans, and is not activated for trial accounts. 

Once activated, and a customer uses a checkout link from your quote, and completes their checkout, we will update the quote as ordered, as well as create a link to the order w/in your dashboard. 

No discount is required for us to track the conversion.

Note: If a customer uses the link more than once, we'll attribute all those orders to the quote. It happens, and is not a bad thing! If it is, set an expiration on the quote!

What if a customer calls to place an order? 

We suggest using the create order link from w/in the QN dashboard. See the Create Order help article. 

If that's not an option, and you're manually entering the order, then you'll need to:

Enter the EXACT Quote # in parenthesis in the staff notes section on Order Submission in the BC dash.

This will trigger Quote Ninja to attribute that order to the specified quote. 

*Adding the quote number after the original order submission will not update QN's status. We suggest manually changing the status to ordered at that point. 

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