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How to find your old sent quotes...

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A couple notes: 

  • We consider quotes, as rather short term documents, as things such as: price, inventory, model number's, etc., tend to change in your store over time.

  • Our quotes are "living" and can actually change over time. You should always make sure that you have your mail settings to BCC your specified email a copy of the exact quote you sent for archival purposes. 

  • We are always in sync with your store. If you update a price on an item at the product level in BC, that change will be reflected in Quote Ninja almost immediately.

If it's been awhile since you sent the quote, and you want to see the exact version, we recommend searching for the BCC copy in your email, especially if you made edits in the draft quote render screen.

If it's a more recent quote, and you are looking to edit, review, resend, etc., you can pull it up by clicking in the search box, and start typing your search. 

  • We don't start searching until you pause/stop your typing for a few milliseconds.

  • If you have an excessive amount of quotes, the query can take a little while. (You can speed things up by archiving the old stuff)

  • If you archive quotes, you'll want to search under archives as well. 

  • You can base your search on any info we collect/store for quote. (Quote #, name, product SKU, zip code, total price, etc.)

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