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Multi-Currency Support

How quotes work with stores that have multiple currencies enabled.

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We currently support stores using multiple currencies, with a few exceptions. 

  1. Quotes are always generated and sent in your stores default currency.

  2. Quotes are always displayed in our dashboard in your default currency. 

When your customers receives your quote, and loads it into their cart, your cart will auto-convert the quote and discount based on your store currency settings. 

For example: Your stores default currency is GBP, but you also support Euros. 

All of your quotes will generate is GBP, but if you are selling to a customer who wants to see that converted to Euros, they can load the quote into their cart, and it will auto convert the cost of the items and the discount. No adjustments are needed on the quote for this to happen.


If a customer requests a quote while they have a currency selected other than your default, we will sometimes pull in that other currency value. This will be displayed until you take action on the quote, at which time we'll recalculate, and adjust those values.

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