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Product Search and/or Checkout Link Not Working?
Product Search and/or Checkout Link Not Working?

Your Store is Probably in Preview Mode

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If you have just installed B2B Ninja, and are finding that your product search, and check out links are not working, then there is a very high probability that your store is still in preview mode. 

Your store is not in preview mode, and search is still not working. 

  • You likely have a theme compatibility issue. Reach out to us, and we can help get this worked out. 

  • If you installed before mid-2018, and updated your theme recently, you're likely missing the requisite code for your new theme. We'll update you to the newest version so you don't have this issue again ;-) Our new scripts are all managed via the API and don't require code in your theme files. 

  • This is usually indicative of a Blueprint store that doesn't have the checkout link code installed. Check that you have all code snippets from your dashboard installed, or just shoot us a chat for help. 

  • Our search is an exact copy of what BC will show, and utilizes the BC product search engine. 

  • Try putting the SKU in quotes i.e. "Brown-XL-Socks" and it should return a single exact match result, assuming the item exists and is visible. 

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