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Help Sensei! Something is not working!
Help Sensei! Something is not working!

Some Common Issues..

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Common Issues: 

No products show up in my search box in the dashboard

  • You're likely on a BigCommerce trial in Preview Mode

  • and/or don't have the B2B Ninja Stencil Code installed

My Proceed to Checkout Link doesn't work

  • If you're new to QN, verify you've installed all the code snippets listed in your dashboard. Still stuck, reach out to us! We offer free code installation and customization or general install assistance.

  • If the link isn't working on a quote you sent, but did previously, try re-sending the quote to yourself, or your customer.

  • Changes made after a quote has been sent to the customer are not updated to the link until re-sent.

  • We want the quote you send to match the link.. 

  •  If you don't want to resend to customer, sub in your email and then add their email back.

  • Another cause of broken links can stem from pricing changes made to a product in BigCommerce after the quote has been sent.

  • Your customer is using a secret CIA computer running iE 6.. Tell them to download Google Chrome, and try again.

  • Checkout links rarely fail, but if they do, send us the quote number, and we'll work to identify the cause.

No Request Quote Buttons on product page or in shopping cart

  • You don't have the code installed (Additional step beyond app install)

  • If a product is unavailable for purchase it will not show a Request Quote Button. If you need this feature, please contact us. It a is a custom Black Belt plan option only.

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