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Creating a Quote From Your Dashboard
Creating a Quote From Your Dashboard

Overview of how to start a quote from scratch on the B2B Ninja Dashboard

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Once logged into your dashboard, click on the New Quote button in the upper right hand corner.

This will take you to this screen: 

Here you'll be able to populate the customers info, and set all of the quote options. We'll outline them box by box or point you to the detailed instructions.

Customer Input Box

These fields are all pretty self explanatory. Note that the "Incoming Notes" text box is not editable. It is reserved for notes that customers submit via a quote request from your website if you have our Quote Buttons installed. 

Quote Info Box

Customer Notes:

Notes put in this box will display on your quote template. You should always assume that your customer will be able to see these.

Staff Notes:

These are notes that only you and your staff can see.


  • New - It is a new request submitted via your website

  • Draft - Status a quote defaults to until it has been sent

  • Sent - I think you got this one ;-)

  • Delivered - The email has made it to the receivers system

  • Opened - The customer has opened the quote

  • Ordered - Updates when a customer uses the link to place an order, or the sales rep uses QN to convert the order

  • Cancelled - Set by user if you want to cancel the quote. This will prevent the quote from being loaded.


You can add any number of custom tags in your general settings. Once created, you can click on them to apply them to the quote.  These are helpful in quickly identifying high priority quotes or other business specific information when looking at your quote inbox (More on Creating & Using Tags).

Assigned Rep: 

The assigned rep will default to whoever creates the quote. You can however change the assigned rep. We utilize dynamic variables to populate our quotes, so if you're using our default quote template, note that the assigned reps profile info is what will show on the quote. 

Quote Validity Period:

This sets an expiration date for the quote. More on Quote Expirations here.

File Uploads: 

Here you can upload files to store with your quote. In a future release you will be able to select files to send with the quote. 

Adding Items:

Attaching a PDF Copy:


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