2020 Update: We now offer the ability to show Shipping & Tax on a quote. There is still plenty of useful info. in this article, but to to show your stores shipping and tax rates, this updated article may be more useful.

Let's be honest for a moment.. Shipping kind of sucks... All the way around.. 

  • You need it to be accurate to maximize profit, but also cheap or "Free" (nothing is free) for that transaction to actually happen.... 

  • You need Fedex, UPS, USPS, your table rates, and heavy freight carriers to all spit out the perfect shipping quote all at the right time.. 

  • People have spent decades figuring that out, and how to relay that info.. 

  • At present - we will not be re-inventing that wheel... Our experience has taught us that keeping it as simple as possible is key!

By default, our quote templates are going to say "Select Shipping at Checkout" as a link that takes your customer to their cart with the discount applied to where your customer can plug in their city/state/zip and easily get the rate calculated by your cart.

If you offer Free Shipping.. you've got it pretty easy! 

Free Shipping Set in your shipping settings.

  • If you're have your free shipping setup at the cart level so that all items get free shipping, it's as simple as assigning the Free Shipping template to your templates product table. If the one you need isn't in the template settings, let us know, and we'll help set that up for you. 

Free Shipping Set at the Product Level

  • If all your items have free shipping set at the item level. We'll auto-detect this and show free shipping on your quote automatically if all items on the quote have free shipping. Otherwise, we'll show the link to select at checkout. 

Free Shipping Over a Certain Dollar Amount

  • This one's easy, just create a template for when the amount is over your limit. If you have a min. $99 order for free shipping, before sending a quote, you'd be sure to select the appropriate template based on the total value. 

Free Shipping via Cart Level Discount

  • BC doesn't have a way to detect these at present. 

  • You and your staff will need to know when/how these are activated, and quote accordingly. 

  • More about that here: Conflicts w/ Cart Level Discounts

Overriding Shipping in the cart... Yes we can do that.. 

Quick Hack if you're not using custom shipping: 

Ok.. That's nice, but I really need to send a quote with a custom shipping rate right now!

  • No problem!

  • Make sure you have a template w/out a checkout link setup. 

  • When you draft your quote, delete either the Free Shipping or "Select at Checkout" link and fill in the shipping amount. 

  • Don't forget to modify your total.. 

  • Send the quote! 

  • We didn't always have this nifty checkout link, and it's not always used.. Sometimes you just have to stick to the good old analog way ;-)

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