Capture a Quote at Shipping Error

Want to capture lost business when a customer gets shipping error?

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Let's face it... setting up shipping 100% perfectly in BigCommerce is a difficult task. Shipping errors happen. But what if there was a way to capture that business and send the customer into your quote funnel for a custom shipping quote? Well we figured out how to do just that!

What the customer sees when a shipping error occurs with this feature is enabled.

Once they hit continue, it to direct them to our quote form with their info already populated.

All they have to do is click submit quote! It's that easy for your customer! These will come in as regular quote requests in the backend for you to manage just like any other quote request!

Enabling Capture Quote at Shipping Errors

Navigate to Settings >> General scroll down to the bottom of the page and enable

***Note: This feature will always work in the cart, but if you want it to work at checkout as well, then you will need to add your BigCommerce Token to B2B Ninja.

You can edit the dialog and buttons the customer will see by customizing

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