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What?! No Save Button!
What?! No Save Button!

that's right.. no save buttons... they're for the birds!

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Like the title says, we don't use save buttons. Everything is saved almost instantaneously. 

One item that we just don't save:

  • "Rendered Quotes" - If you make changes on the rendered quote draft, after it's sent and that box is closed; that ship has sailed. Any text or data in your B2B Ninja dashboard IS saved, just not anything you enter into the WYSIWYG that appears when you hit "Draft Quote." We recommend limiting changes in the WYSIWYG editor to minor styling changes, i.e.: underlining, highlighting text, etc. Also, you should always utilize our BCC email setting so that you have an exact hard copy of all sent quotes. 

While this makes the software much quicker, and saves the planet from all those excessive button clicks. You should be aware that it can sometimes cause a headache if you accidentally delete something, and can't undo it. (Ctrl-Z is your friend in most apps if you want to undo something. It'll work in some instances in B2B Ninja, but not everywhere.)

BUT - Have you ever written that 10 page essay, and right in the middle of it, your computer crashes... and since you waited until the last minute, and it's due in the next hour, and there's no possible way to re-write it....  You end up failing that class and find yourself in the same class the next semester..  All because you didn't do a little "safety save" .. A little exaggerated there, but you get the point.. 

We'd rather be doing a little "CYA" and save your work all the time without you having to think about it, than have you constantly losing a quote because your internet goes down, or your phone rings while you're typing the quote up on the go from your mobile browser. 

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