Note - Most stores are now Stencil Stores

Please note that if you are on a store that was opened in 2018 or after, you are almost certainly running on the Stencil Framework. If so, our buttons and requisite code should install automatically. From there, you can configure your button colors and additional styling in our Form and Buttons Menu. 

If you don't see this menu, or still need help, shoot us a chat, or give us a call, and we'll have you fixed up in a Jiffy. 

If you have a custom theme, and our buttons are not showing the way you want them to, let us know. We're pros at getting them dialed in just how you want them, and it doesn't take us long at all.

These are usually stores built before 2016, and haven't been updated since. We do typically need to assist with your install, as not all the same install mechanisms are available for Blueprint that are now available for Stencil. 

If you are still running on the Blueprint framework, we STRONGLY encourage that you update to Stencil.

That said, we can still support your store in most cases as we built the original app long before Stencil existed. 

Please reach out to us for help using the chat icon on the bottom right if you need to use B2B Ninja on your Blueprint store. 

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