Getting an error trying to send a quote? Does it appear that something is wrong with the template, even though it works on other quotes?

Errors in the product table can cause this error. It is unable to properly rendor the product table in the template. When it doubt hit the product table refresh button to reload and validate the products from BigCommerce.

A pop-up will open to confirm the process.

Once the products reload, if it is something in the product table causing the issue you will see an error message. In this case, it was a duplicate product on the quote.

Once these items are combined into one product, the issue will resolve and the template will load without issue.

**If you ever have issues troubleshooting an issue, reach out to us via chat! We usually respond within 5 minutes during business hours and are always happy to help!*

**Low stock and unpurchasable products can cause some issues as well. They will give you a different warning/error message. Read more about it here:

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