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Product Options Not Updating In B2B Ninja Interface or Did You Make Changes to Your Options in BigCommerce?
Product Options Not Updating In B2B Ninja Interface or Did You Make Changes to Your Options in BigCommerce?

How to force product option changes into B2B Ninja Dashboard after making changes in BigCommerce

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At present, we will auto update products in B2B Ninja if you make a general product change in your BigCommerce dashboard (i.e.: inventory, pricing, title, image).

We are able to do this in near real time, as BigCommerce tells us via the API when a change is made to a product. 

Product Option changes however do NOT send us this same notification when they are changed. 

If a product in B2B Ninja is loading an old version of the options and or pricing, you will need to force a refresh on that product in B2B Ninja. You can do some via on the individual product by clicking the edit button on the product inside the quote.

Then clicking the "Reload Product Options/Fields" button in the right-hand corner of the popup.

You can also refresh all the products in the quote by clicking the refresh button in the upper right-hand corner of the product section inside the quote.

Important Note: Changes to product options and option values in BigCommerce is extremely likely to break previously sent quotes from loading into a customer's cart, and or being able to process into an order via our Create Order button. 

  • You have essentially created a new version of that product; from a computers perspective at least.

  • When we try to reload the product, and previously selected options, the values will typically no longer line up, and BC will reject our input.

If you have made storewide or multiple product option changes, and you are having issues getting the new information to load inside a quote please contact us to clear the entire product cache in B2B Ninja. 

  • We don't store all of your products, or all of your products data. Instead, we cache the most important info so that it is quick to load into QN. 

  • This is recommended by BC so as to minimize the number of API calls we make to your store. 

  • It also gives the sales rep the fastest user experience possible. 

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