User Profile Setup

Setup your user profile, change your password, display name, etc.

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Your Profile Image

  • This can be used in custom templates to display your image in a more personalized style template, or other areas you want to display the rep image. We use this in our custom follow-up template. 

  • It's also used throughout the app in the quote history, internal messages, etc. so you can quickly see context in a conversation. 

To update, click on change picture, and upload your image. You may need to crop it before you upload it. 

Profile Fields

Name - This is what is used as your sales rep name throughout the app.

Email Address - This is the email that will be used on your outbound quotes. We recommend this be an actual email that exists, and matches your domain to limit the chance of an email be detected as spam.

Phone Number - This can be used in templates to show the reps direct phone number.

Username - This is the email used to login, and the email that all QN communications will go to (ie: password resets, account notifications, etc.) 

Requesting a New Password

  • If you know your current password, you can reset your password via the QN profile page.

  • NOTE: BigCommerce and QN each have their own logins. 

  • If you login first to BigCommerce, and use QN from the app store, you likely have never set a QN password up. 

  • Users can also always request a one time "magic" login link if they've forgotten their password, or are having trouble logging in.


SMTP / Email Settings 

UI Settings

Dark Mode - This will change the look and feel of the app based on your profile setting. If your OS has dark mode enabled by default, then QN will default to dark mode regardless of the profile setting. You will need to disable dark mode in your Operating System settings.

Quote View: Show Created - Displays the time and date the quote was created on the quote. It is located on the right-hand side in the quote view.

Quote View: Show Last Saved - Displays the time and date the quote was saved or edited on the quote. It is located on the right-hand side in the quote view.

Hide Scrollbars - If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, you generally don't need to see scroll bars, esp. since our pages tend to no be that long, and they're not needed for context. This allows you to turn them off ;-) 

Quote Page: Expanded Products - Shows the expanded view of products, which includes notes and options by default

Turned on:

Turned off:

Quote Page: Show Product Images - Show images in the quote product table.

Turned off:

Turned on:


Quote assigned to you - This will send you an email each time a quote is assigned to you by an admin or manager user. See more on assigning reps to a quote.

Quote converted to an order - This will email you anytime one of your quotes converts to an order either via the dashboard, or by the customer. 

Quote could not load for user - This will send you a notification within moments if your customers quote fails to load into the cart. We highly recommend leaving this setting on. 

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