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My Customers Quote Link Doesn't Work & How to Properly Test Checkout Links
My Customers Quote Link Doesn't Work & How to Properly Test Checkout Links

Generally checkout links don't work due to updates made to the quote after it has been sent, or tests run before it's been sent.

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Video Overview

***Note that you no longer need to send .pdfs for them to work as indicated in this video.***

Rule #1 - Always send your quotes somewhere.

  • For a quote checkout link to work, the quote must be sent. Future modifications to the quote after it has been sent will likely cause the quote to fail to load. 

  • You can also generate the quote link by clicking "View PDF", but it's generally best to send the quote so a revision is captured.

Rule #2 - If you see errors on products, we'll show you a warning on each line item, and indicate that we'll still allow the checkout, but those items will be custom items.

"This quote has product(s) products that are not purchasable/low stock, Custom Items will be substituted if checkout link is used"

  • We are constantly validating quotes, and 98% of the time will notify you almost immediately when you add an item that the quote that we can't validate, and will go through checkout as a custom item.

  • There are plenty of times when sending a quote where the checkout link doesn't need to function. ie: You know the customer is paying on terms, etc. In those cases, it's best to send the customer a quote w/out a checkout link. 

  • If a customer tries to load a quote where the checkout link doesn't work, we'll show them a notice to contact the rep. If the rep has notifications on for failed quote load notices, we'll email the rep when the customer tries to load the quote. 

Rule #3 - If you update a quote you MUST resend or click View PDF for the link in that quote to work properly.

  • If you add a product, change pricing, qty's, shipping, etc. it's imperative that you resend the quote. 

  • If you don't want to resend it to the customer, send it to yourself, or at a minimum draft the quote, and click on View PDF

Rule #4 - Be specific when your customer says their quote doesn't work. 

  • Oftentimes, we find that the quote did in fact load, but their credit card declined, or something else happened after we've loaded the quote into the cart. 

  • After we've loaded the quote into your store's cart, BigCommerce is in full control from there on out. 

  • If you're unsure, check the quote history (Newest version of B2B Ninja only) to see if it shows they loaded the quote. If you've tested the quote, be sure you match the quote load to their geography if it's provided.  

If you see that the quote did load, then then we recommend checking your store server logs to see if it provides any clues to the customer's issues. 

  • In BC navigate to Server Settings>Store Logs

  • Generally, you'll be able to see if the customer's card is being declined, or other checkout-related issues. 

Testing Quote Checkout Links

But if you must! 

  1. Send the quote.

  2. Draft the quote in QN

  3. Right click on the Checkout Button / Link

  4. Click "Open Link in Incognito Window

Your website will open, and the quote will load into the new incognito window. 

If the quote fails to load: 

  1. Click the refresh icon in the top right of the quote table (latest version of B2B Ninja only) Learn more about refreshing product tables.

  2. Fix any errors that it displays on each line item.

  3. Resend quote & test quote using steps above.

  4. If the quote still does not load, and you're sure all items are purchasable, and option selections are valid and correct, please contact us. 

☞NOTE: If you go through this process before sending the quote, it's very likely to fail to load, or will load inaccurately. 

Due to the advanced software libraries we use to run the B2B Ninja app, we ONLY support the latest version of Google Chrome for our Dashboard. 

Our quote request buttons, and form are supported on most all modern supported browsers, desktop and mobile alike. Unsupported browsers generally have >2% market share, and are generally not supported by BigCommerce, or most modern websites. 

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