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Let's be honest for a moment.. Shipping kind of sucks... All the way around.. 

  • You need it to be accurate to maximize profit, but also cheap or "Free" (nothing is free) for that transaction to actually happen.... 

  • You need Fedex, UPS, USPS, your table rates, and heavy freight carriers to all spit out the perfect shipping quote all at the right time.. 

  • People have spent decades figuring that out, and how to relay that info.. 

  • At present - we will not be re-inventing that wheel... Our experience has taught us that keeping it as simple as possible is key!

  • There are 4 different shipping options in B2B Ninja!

I. Shipping Options on a Quote

  1. Customer Choice at Checkout - This allows the customer to select whatever shipping speed/rate they desire once the quote is loaded in the checkout cart.

  2. Free Shipping - This will give free shipping, It is no enabled by default must be enabled under Settings > General. If you are using Shipper HQ please note that this can cause a conflict and customers may be able to choose different shipping speeds for free shipping. Please see below for more gotchas on free shipping.

  3. Calculate Rates - Selecting one of these will show this price on the quote. It does not force the user to select this option at checkout.

  4. Custom - You will be able to set a custom shipping amount (More on custom shipping here) This must be enabled under Settings > General and then go through the prompts to finish setup.

II. Customer Choice at Checkout

By default, "Customer Choice at Checkout" will load as the shipping option on a quote. It will allow the customer to choose to shipping in the cart when the quote is loaded. These rates are the rates set up in your Bigcommerce store. In the quote template, it will appear as a link that takes your customer to their cart with the quote loaded so they can plug in their city/state/zip and easily get the rate calculated by your cart. It gives them an extra reason to load the quote into the cart ;)

III. Free Shipping

If you offer Free Shipping.. you've got it pretty easy! 

Free shipping is not set enabled by default so to enable this option navigate to Settings > General and click the box.

***note that if you are using shipping HQ a customer will be able to select different shipping speeds with your free shipping. This can be problematic if they choose overnight shipping and this is not the free shipping speed.

Once free shipping is selected as the shipping type you can load the tax and handling (if there is any, we pull this data from Bigcommerce) by selecting the "Get Tax & Handling" Button

Free Shipping Templates

Note: free shipping will now shows on most of our templates automatically, however we have specialized templates for free shipping and templates can be customized for certain free shipping cases.

Free Shipping Set in your shipping settings.

  • If you have free shipping setup at the cart level so that all items get free shipping, it's as simple as assigning the Free Shipping template to your templates product table. If the one you need isn't in the template settings, let us know, and we'll help set that up for you. 

Free Shipping Set at the Product Level

  • If all your items have free shipping set at the item level. We'll auto-detect this and show free shipping on your quote automatically if all items on the quote have free shipping. Otherwise, we'll show the link to select at checkout. 

Free Shipping Over a Certain Dollar Amount

  • This one's easy, just create a template for when the amount is over your limit. If you have a min. $99 order for free shipping, before sending a quote, you'd be sure to select the appropriate template based on the total value. 

Free Shipping via Cart Level Discount

  • BC doesn't have a way to detect these at present. 

  • You and your staff will need to know when/how these are activated, and quote accordingly. 

  • More about that here: Conflicts w/ Cart Level Discounts

IV. Calculate Rates

This allows you to select a specific shipping type/rate for your customer based on the shipping rates that are set up in Bigcommerce. Whatever you select will be shown on the quote however it does not force the customer to use the option. Once selected as the shipping option, select the refresh button to pull the rates into B2B Ninja

Then a list of rates will appear for you to select! Once selected it will populate in the shipping field!

V. Custom Shipping

Overriding Shipping in the cart... Yes we can do that.. 

Custom shipping gives you granular control over shipping methods and prices and on-the-fly flexibility in special-case shipping situations. You can select exactly how much you want to charge for shipping and override the typical selections. To learn more about custom shipping and how to set it up:

Quick Hack if you're not using custom shipping: 

Ok.. That's nice, but I really need to send a quote with a custom shipping rate right now!

  • No problem!

  • Make sure you have a template w/out a checkout link setup. 

  • When you draft your quote, in the preview of the template you can edit it and delete either the Free Shipping or "Select at Checkout" link and fill in the shipping amount. 

  • Don't forget to modify your total.. 

  • Send the quote! 

  • We didn't always have this nifty checkout link, and it's not always used.. Sometimes you just have to stick to the good old analog way ;-)

VI. Common Issues / Questions

Shipping is not calculating

  • This is usually due to an item on your quote not being purchasable or is out of stock. We will show an error message when this happens and create a custom item.

  • It could also be that the items on your quote don't have the proper attributes like dimensions and weight for your store to properly calculate the shipping.

An error message is being returned

  • When possible, we'll show you the exact error message your customer would see if they attempted to checkout. If it won't calculate in our dashboard, there's a 99% chance that it won't calculate for your customer at checkout.

  • Note that if we're not able to calculate shipping, there is a >90% chance that the checkout link also won't work, so consider sending the quote without the checkout link option.

  • Want your customer to have the option for a quote if a shipping error occurs? We have a nifty new feature for that! Capture a quote at shipping error

Where do I enter my UPS/FedEx/Other Carrier info.

  • You don't...

  • Carrier integrations are a core feature of your BigCommerce store. You may even have additional complex integrations like ShipperHQ running as well.

  • We utilize all the hard work you put in getting that system tuned, and put it to use in B2B Ninja.

  • If you don't like the rates being displayed, it's best to dig into those shipping configurations you have setup in BigCommerce and/or ShipperHQ.

Will my ShipperHQ integration work?

  • Yes we'll pull in your ShipperHQ calculated rates ;-)

  • This assumes the items on that quote are purchasable in your store.

International Shipping Quotes

  • We are working hard to pull in international shipping quotes for all countries.

  • Many countries are already supported, with more to follow.

  • Note that BigCommerce must be set to calculate international shipping for it to work.

  • If you find a country that is not working, please let us know, and we will move it up on the list of countries that need support ;-) This sort of shipping error is the perfect use case for our new Capture a quote at shipping error feature!

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