Quote Ninja Training Academy

A guide with helpful videos on and links to valuable resources for getting started using Quote Ninja

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Quote Basics

How to Create a New Quote

How to reply to inbound quote requests

Overview of the Quote Table

  • Reorder items on a quote

  • Adjust quote table display and defaults

  • Tips on Navigating the product table

  • Troubleshooting errors on a quote

  • How to use refresh icon

Finding past quotes

Editing Quotes

Pricing Quotes

  • Understanding how we price items

  • Applying discounts

  • How to quote a total percentage discount

  • Add via search

  • Exact SKU

  • Creating and adding custom products

Quote to Order


How to edit your Form and Button settings

  • I want to quote a higher price.

  • What is overquoting and how to enable it

Shipping and Tax

Shipping and Tax

Quote Templates

  • How to update your logo

  • How to adjust the size of your logo

  • How to update variables used on a template

  • How to adjust change the color of your button

  • Showing custom fields on a template

  • Making a copy of a template

  • Sending a different attachment with your quote

  • Checkout vs no checkout table.

  • How to change the way the products show, and the content shown.

  • How to create a personalized quote?


  • Inviting Users via BigCommerce or Quote Ninja

  • Resetting your password

  • Adjusting notification settings


  • Troubleshooting quote loading errors

Advanced Customizations

Overview of Quote Button Options

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